Google Flights Hack To Get Seats With Most legroom By zacharyburrabel

Google Flights Hack To Get Seats With Most legroom: Getting the best seat on a flight is much easier than you would imagine. Just ask Zachary Abel, a TikTok sensation and actor.

Abel is best known for his work on the ABC show Make It or Break It, but travel enthusiasts know him as the person who posts travel hack after travel hack on social media. Abel has so far provided his (very useful) secrets on how to score dirt-cheap first-class tickets, credit card point hacks, flash flight deals, and more. And now he’s offering some surprising advice to those in need of extra legroom on airlines.

“Here’s a Google Flight hack you might not know about,” Abel says in his TikTok video, which has over 460,000 views and an additional 34,000 on Instagram.



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“Let’s assume you want to travel from Los Angeles to New York from November 12 to 16. You can see that JetBlue, United, and Delta are all the same price, which is a fantastic deal “he says “So, what’s the best course of action? Enter, Leg Rooms for Google Flights .”

Abel then instals the Google Chrome extension, which looks at the same flights, but this time also indicates how much legroom is available in each seat on various carriers.

“And if you want to do business,” Abel says, “it tells you which ones are lying flat and which ones you have to sit upright.”

Many others shared their thankfulness in the comments, with many saying they had no idea there was more to Google Flights than meets the eye.

To get the extension, simply Google “Legroom for Google Flights” or go to the extension’s page by clicking here. Start surfing after you’ve downloaded it. As an added bonus, the extension displays carry-on limitations and amenities for each flight, giving you even more confidence that you’re booking the proper ticket.

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