Hawaii May Require COVID-19 Booster to Skip Quarantine — What to Know

In a recent interview, Hawaii’s governor suggested that booster shots may be the future of the state’s Safe Travels programme as the state attempts to redefine the definition of “completely vaccinated.”

Gov. David Ige recently told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the state is considering adding a COVID-19 booster requirement to its travel programme. Domestic travellers who are completely vaccinated or have proof of a negative test before travelling are exempt from quarantine under the scheme.

However, the adjustments would take weeks to implement.

“We’re looking into what steps we need to take in Safe Travels to make it happen,” Ige added. “We understand that the community will need time to respond to that, so we’d have to give at least two weeks for individuals who aren’t up to date to get vaccinated if they need to.”

Hawaii made the decision to investigate mandating a booster shot after removing the requirement for domestic travellers to fill out an online health form prior to arrival and reducing its isolation and quarantine policies to be more in line with CDC recommendations.

It also comes after Maui’s definition of “completely vaccinated” was amended to include a booster dose. In addition, to enter businesses such as restaurants, both Maui and Honolulu demand proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

“This is a significant surge… There isn’t a playbook, either “Ige remarked. “I admire the mayors’ decision-making ability. They are continuing to assess the situation in each of their counties and taking the steps they believe are required.”

Booster shot requirements aren’t just in a place in Hawaii. The Metropolitan Opera in New York City began requiring all performers, employees, and audience members to provide proof of having received a COVID-19 booster shot on Monday. In addition, Israel began demanding booster shots for anyone seeking a “green card,” which is required to enter public venues such as restaurants, last year.

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