Redfish Fishing Features And Tips

Are you planning to going on fishing and looking for redfish fishing features and tips? If you have no idea, this article is for you.

Sea red perch is a deep-seated species of bony fish. One-color color for fish that live at a depth, and spotty-striped colors that live in the upper layers of the world’s oceans.

The color is predominantly bright, pink, red, or pale orange, the eyes adapted to living at a depth, are saucer-shaped and occupy most of the head.

A characteristic feature of the perch is the presence of poisonous substances in the fins, which form inflamed and painful wounds with the inept handling of fish.

The genus of redfish includes about 100 species, four of which prefer the northern latitudes of the Atlantic, as well as the northern and temperate latitudes of the Pacific Ocean.

From the shores of the Kuril Islands to the shores of Norway, preferring for habitat areas with rocky relief or a combination with algae thickets.

Habitat and fishing season for redfish. When and where to fish?

  • Most species live in the North Pacific, although two live in the South Pacific and Atlantic oceans (Cape and eye bass) and four in the North Atlantic (pink redfish, beak, Atlantic, and small redfish).
  • The bay of Southern California is the area with the highest diversity of redfish, with 56 different species. And off the coast of British Columbia, there are more than 35 species of bass that range in color from dark brown to bright orange.
  • Groupers are inhabitants of bottom and medium water masses, which can be found from the coast to a depth of 3,000 m.
  • They prefer rocky bottom areas, where they hide in order to sharply attack their prey.
  • This type of fish is viviparous and the period of the birth of fry depends on the habitat.
  • Redfish can be caught throughout the year, but the most optimal periods are in spring (April – June) and autumn (September – November).

Tackle and bait for redfish. How to catch it?

  • For catching redfish, trolling, sea spinning, and bottom gear for deep sea fishing are used, taking into account that the depth will be more than 300 m.
  • This type of fish is an avid predator, so it is desirable that the bait is from its diet (whole fish or pieces of meat).
  • They feed on sea worms, crustaceans, mollusks, herring, sardines and anchovies, other small fish, or fry of various fish, sometimes they eat smaller fish of their own species.
  • To fish for this trophy, you can also turn to a large selection of artificial lures – various jig lures, spinners, and deep-sea wobblers. Lures such as octopus are especially effective if you also hang a strip of squid meat.
  • Time of fishing and tackle The fishing season for perch usually goes from April to mid-October, they mainly use bait: For fish weighing up to 5 kg – polychaete worms (Nereis), sea shrimp, herring, or mackerel filets.
  • For fish weighing up to 14 kg – a black twister, a red vibrotactile, a floating wobbler.
  • Equipment for catching red perch must be made by yourself because they are not on sale. The main material that will be required is a mono profile fishing line with a cross-section of 0.85 mm, up to 10 hooks with a second groove on the rod are also needed, and light-accumulating beads are used as an additional bait, their use is necessary since fishing goes at a depth of 150 meters.

Perch fishing off the coast of Norway

  • When fishing off the coast of Norway, an open-type motor boat up to 6 meters long and designed for a maximum of two or three fishermen is usually used.
  • Norway is known all over the world for its fjords, otherwise, they are not promising for trophy fishing. Sea fishing among skerries (pockets) shows itself very promising.
  • The most interesting catches usually occur either at sea or at the border of the exit from the bays. Sea bottom fishing is almost always carried out from a drift boat. Usually, dumps are caught, where the depth varies up to 200 m.
  • As practice shows, special bottom gear is needed to catch perch, which is driven at a short distance from the bottom.
  • For catching redfish in the Norwegian Sea, the most famous bait is called the light-accumulative picker, which is recommended to be purchased directly at the hunting place, i.e. in Norway, fishermen are advised to have several varieties of jigs ranging from 0.25 to 0.6 kg.
  • In addition to Norway, bottom bait fishing is widely used and shows excellent results in Scotland, Ireland, and England. Redfish should rightfully occupy one of the leading places on the gastronomic table.
  • Peculiarities of redfish, when eaten The perch carcass, contains a huge amount of vitamins B12, B1, B2, PP, and A, micro and macro elements, as well as polyunsaturated acids.
  • Fish meat contains a vast amount of amino acids easily processed by the human body, taurine is one of them. He, taurine, takes part in metabolism and affects the reconstruction of tissues throughout the body.

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