Southwest Passengers Can Now Get an At-home COVID-19 Test in the Mail

If you’re flying with Southwest Airlines, returning home from a trip overseas is going to become a little easier.

Southwest recently established a partnership with CityHealth, a Bay Area healthcare startup, to deliver inexpensive COVID-19 test kits to passengers returning to the United States from abroad destinations.

The test kits, called “RapidReturn,” don’t require travellers to download any additional apps or use a specific operating system in order to acquire test results. All that’s required is WiFi and a video-capable device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

A CDC-approved quick antigen test and a virtual session with a CityHealth testing specialist are included in each package. Specialists are available 24 hours a day, and anyone who tests negative for COVID-19 will receive a secure link to a health certificate in around three minutes, according to the company.

“The RapidReturn kit has been one of our most popular COVID testing alternatives since its inception,” stated Sean Parkin, CEO of CityHealth, in a statement.

The kits cost $75 at retail, but Southwest customers flying on international flights can get them for $50 each before or after purchasing plane tickets. Travellers who aren’t travelling with Southwest can buy the kits at full price and avoid spending the last day of their trip looking for COVID-19 tests to return home.

All international passengers, including vaccinated Americans, must test negative for the coronavirus within one day of arriving in the United States.

“The speedy return of findings will assist Southwest travellers in complying with the new one-day testing regulation,” Parkin added.

Thanks to slimmer swabs, the company promises a more comfortable testing experience. If you’re apprehensive about self-testing, the package includes a backup swab and testing device in case you mess up the first time.

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