most beautiful alleys around the world

The streets are sometimes dark, damp and maybe even dangerous. Some are legitimately gorgeous. Here are ten narrow paths around the world that you'll be happy to walk.

This narrow cobblestone street is known as the most photographed street. this area once housed one of the largest Black communities in Boston, pre-Civil War. 

Acorn Street - Boston, Massachusetts

It's easy to get lost in the charming valleys of Dubrovnik Old Town. Surprises await around each bend, with restaurants tucked in along many of the passages.

Picturesque passages of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Azure alleys of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Longitude Lane - Charleston, South Carolina

Vibrant alleys of Mykonos, Greece

Quince Street - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lovely lanes of Casperia, Italy

Calle de O'Donnell - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Enchanting alleyways of Lesbos, Greece

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