10 Best Bars In Charlotte, NC

Although Charlotte is a bustling financial and business center and home to many top-ranked public schools and colleges, many visitors come to enjoy the Queen City's nightlife attractions.

Thirsty Beaver Saloon

The first entry on my list of best bars in Charlotte is the Thirsty Beaver Saloon located on Central Avenue. Although it is smaller than other bars in the area.

Dilworth Tasting Room

My next suggestion is the Dilworth Tasting Room, located on the corner of East Tremont Avenue and Cleveland Avenue near the Atherton Mill Shopping Mall.

Selwyn Avenue Pub

Do you like to go to a simple bar? Located in the heart of Myers Park, in the Barclay Downs neighborhood.

Merchant and Trade

The Cellar at Duckworth’s

Soul Gastrolounge

Dot Dot Dot



Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop

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