10 Best College Cities in the U.S.

US Colleges cities around. As far as what makes a great college town, it's a bit subjective. Here are the 10 best college cities to consider when looking for your perfect school.

The capital of Massachusetts is filled with college students. With 35 colleges, universities and community colleges, one place where almost everyone can find the right program.

Boston, Massachusetts

About a quarter of the entire population of Lynchburg are students at Liberty University or Lynchburg University, making it an easy place to make friends.

Lynchburg, Virginia

Madison, Wisconsin

As the home of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa is an obvious place to add to this list. With over 38,000 students, the university is truly the center of life here.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Columbia, Missouri

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tempe, Arizona

Iowa City, Iowa

Gainesville, Florida

Athens, Georgia

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