10 best exhibitions in the USA in 2023

There is a lot to feel in museums across the country in 2023. Whether you want to rekindle your sense of wonder, explore the career of an iconic artist.

Sometimes grim but never cold, Edward Hopper's vivid portraits of solitude in the city are currently on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

1. Edward Hopper’s New York

This exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is part nostalgia, part engineering marvel, part quirk of the joy of melting and shaping plastic.

2. Mold-A-Rama: Molded for the Future

3. Sharks 

4. Senga Nengudi 

5. EJ Hill Brake Run Helix

6 Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty

7. Henry Taylor: B Side

8. Nick Cave: Forothermore

9. Mark Rothko: Paintings on Paper

10. Matisse in the 1930s

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