10 Best Places to Visit in Sicily

The outlying Aeolian Islands are also popular places to visit in Sicily. With its unique cuisine, temperate climate and sandy beaches, a vacation in sunny Sicily is always memorable.

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Monreale is a small town located near the city of Palermo, the capital of Sicily. The city sits atop a hill overlooking the Golden Shell.

10. Monreale

Situated on the summit of Mount Erice, the town of Erice overlooks the city of Trapani nearly a half mile below, making a visit to Erice worthwhile for the views alone.

9. Erice

8. Doric Temple of Segesta

7. Villa Romana del Casale

6. Syracuse

5. Palermo

4. Aeolian Islands

3. Taormina

2. Mount Etna

1. Valley of the Temples

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