Best Scorers In Los Angeles Clippers History

World B. Free - 29.4 PPG
(2 Seasons, 1979-1980)

Considered one of the best players to ever play for the Clippers, albeit in only 2 seasons, World B. 

Bob McAdoo - 28.2 PPG
(5 Seasons, 1973-1977)

Easily one of the greatest players of all time, Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo went on a tear over the 5 years he played for the Buffalo Braves franchise

Kawhi Leonard - 26.0 PPG
(2 Seasons, 2020-2021)

one of the greatest Clippers players ever, Kawhi Leonard has a chance to be one of the few players ever to win a 3rd championship with a 3rd franchise

Terry Cummings - 23.3 PPG
(2 Seasons, 1983-1984)

Drafted No. 2 overall in the 1982 NBA Draft, Terry Cummings made a big splash for the San Diego Clippers

Paul George - 22.9 PPG(3 Seasons, 2020-2022)

He has only been a member of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise for 3 seasons, but he is one of the most talented scorers to ever play for the franchise

Blake Griffin - 21.6 PPG
(8 Seasons, 2011-2018)

 Griffin would make 4 straight All-Star Teams after his rookie campaign and would solidify himself as one of the best forwards in the game

Elton Brand - 20.3 PPG(7 Seasons, 2002-2008)

He was always destined to be a great player. Drafted No. 1 overall in the 1999 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers

Ron Harper - 19.3 PPG(5 Seasons, 1990-1994)

Harper was not an effective three-point shooter (30.0%), but he was great around the rim and was decent from the free-throw line (73.7%)

Danny Manning - 19.1 PPG
(6 Seasons, 1989-1994)

A 2-time All-Star with the Los Angeles Clippers, 6’10” Danny Manning was a solid scorer through the first 6 seasons of his professional career

Lou Williams - 19.1 PPG(4 Seasons, 2018-2021)

One of the greatest 6th men of all time, Lou Williams was at his best with the Los Angeles Clippers

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