10 Best Things to Do in Yarmouth

In the Golden Age of Sail, Yarmouth was home to a long roll call of sea captains who commanded clipper ships that helped open the world to international trade.

Originally participating in the transatlantic slave trade, the Whidda Galley was captured by pirate captain Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy in February 1717.

1. Whydah Pirate Museum

One of the many things Seagull Beach is known for is its remoteness, with few signs of development except for a few stately homes peeking out on the dunes to the west.

2. Seagull Beach

3. Bass Hole Boardwalk (Gray’s Beach)

4. Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT)

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5. Old King’s Highway

6. Captains’ Mile

7. Bass River Beach (Smugglers Beach)

8. Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail

9. Edward Gorey House

10. Mansfield Common (South Common)

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