The 10 Best U.S. Spots You Need To Travel to This Summer

1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando not only won the WalletHub study's overall title, but also claimed the top spot for having the most activities.

2. Washington, D.C.

It's vital to get advance tickets online before visiting popular attractions like the White House and Washington Monument since they sell out quickly.

3. Tampa, Florida

Tampa, famed for being the location of Busch Gardens, came in third overall and was rated as the second-safest travel destination by WalletHub. Bay, Florida

4. Austin, Texas

Austin boasts a robust music culture and lots of entertainment options. However, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy when the stage is silent.

5. Salt Lake City

According to WalletHub, Salt Lake City was also the fifth-best city for having the least expensive and hassle-free travel.

6. Los Angeles

Fans of entertainment can visit one of the many TV tapings or take a tour of the renowned film studios.

7. Honolulu

It will be challenging to experience all of Honolulu's history, art, and culture, as well as its outdoor attractions.

8. Minneapolis

According to WalletHub, Minneapolis offers a summer destination full of activities with the third-lowest travel expenses and difficulties.

9. Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a desirable option for many Americans because it offers the second-lowest travel expenses and the fewest travel problems.

10. San Antonio

San Antonio's rich history and culture won't let summer visitors down.