Best US Cities for Hiking

From the coast to the mountains, San Diego invites hikers of all skill levels to explore its many trails.

San Diego

Surrounded by natural beauty, Las Vegas offers much more than flashing lights, gambling and great shows and entertainment.

Las Vegas

Because it sits in a high desert valley, Boise offers several hiking trails in the nearby foothills and mountains to challenge all hikers.

Boise, ID

Los Angeles actually has a wealth of hiking trails, many of which are rated easy or moderate. For example, at Fryman Canyon Park, you can explore the Beauty Bearing Mountain Trail.

Los Angeles

Hikers in Salt Lake City can begin their journey on one of the many in-town trails, or work their way up the Wasatch Mountains outside of town.

Salt Lake City

Oakland welcomes hikers along the coast or in the Oakland Hills with more than 100,000 acres of parks and trails. A great start is the Tres Sendas Trail in Redwood Regional Park.

Oakland, CA

1 US park on TripAdvisor, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs offers many hiking opportunities for everyone.

Colorado Springs, CO

Surrounded by parks and nature preserves, Phoenix easily takes the No. 1 spot for most hiking routes available.


Surrounded by five mountain ranges, it should come as no surprise that Tucson landed the number 2 spot studied for most hiking routes.

Tucson, AZ

Taking the top spot, Portland is overflowing with opportunities for hiking, from urban hiking to making your way through the regions forests.

Portland, OR

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