Best Water Parks in the USA (2022)

This fantastic water park is a part of Hyland hills park and the recreation center. It’s among the older and largest water parks in US.

Water World

Choose Splish splash for the most fun-filled water park experience with your kids and family.

Splish Splash

This water park is specially designed for daring enthusiasts. The ride of Wet n Wild would give you the next-level adventure of water rides and games.

Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe

This water park is the perfect amalgam of thrill in chilled. Water Country is the home of unique, thrilling water slides and refreshing games.

Water Country

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels water park & resorts has world-famous attractions, epic river adventure, water playgrounds & spot to relax!


Kalahari resort offers waterpark activities for everyone. Kalahari resort is named after Africa’s Kalahari desert

Kalahari Resort

Noah ark is the most extensive and super fun water park in America. This water park contains almost all the entertaining games and water-laden activities.

Noah’s Ark

Raging water is for those who uniquely look for adventure. All the water activities at Raging waters have their specialty.

Raging Waters

Go on a splashin' safari for a water roller coaster ride experience? Splashin Safari is quite famous among its visitors for its water-laden roller coaster ride.

Splashin Safari

You would have a good time playing with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon, not the real ones. You can have a good time with aquatic animals and fish.

Typhoon Lagoon

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