10 Crazy Street Names In Virginia

Did a story on weird town names in Virginia. You may remember gems like Frogtown, Fries, and Chilhowie. And, of course, what a kingdom full of strange-looking cities.

At least you know where all the incomplete people live in Damascus. Don't you wish most places had helpful labels like this.

1. The Corner of Shady and Creepers, Damascus

There may not be any on-street parking, but at least you know where to park your mule.

2. Mule Barn Alley, Richmond

3. Red Rum Drive, Ashburn.

4. Yellow Brick Road, Lexington

5. The Corner of Pink and Floyd, Richmond

6. Lickinghole, Ashland

7. Anchored in Love Drive, Hiltons

8. Butts Station Road, Chesapeake

9. Frying Pan Road, Herndon

10. Lizard Ridge Road, Bedford

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