places in the USA to spend a vacation

new york

New York City is like no other city in the world, and one that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

San Francisco

San Francisco's famous landmarks, charming streets, beautiful views, and outdoor dining are all part of what makes San Francisco such a great place to visit.

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a must-see attraction, with the canyon walls looking out to an endless horizon and a bottomless depth below one of the highlights of any trip to the United States.

las vegas

This gleaming city of lights in the desert holds a unique appeal, and one that has been attracting visitors for decades. Which attracts from newlyweds to families or unmarried people.


Washington is the Capitol of America and is home to some of America's most famous landmarks and national treasures, from the White House and Capitol Building to Smithsonian museums.


Miami is much more than just a great accessibility destination. Amazing beaches can be found throughout Florida, but Miami offers an atmosphere like no other city in the state.

Los Angeles

With Los Angeles dominating pop culture, the city has always been associated with glamour. Travelers will find all kinds of vacation possibilities in the Los Angeles area.


Chicago is a great summer destination, with parks and a beautiful waterfront. But its arts and cultural attractions, as well as great shopping, make it a popular destination year-round.


Boston is a city of history. The famous Freedom Trail leads to some of the city's most famous and historic sites, making sightseeing and navigating through the city extremely easy.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains' dramatic peaks cover many regions of North America, but in Colorado, the climate and small mountain towns make it one of the best places to visit the Rockies.