10 Reasons Milwaukee Is The Unique City

Milwaukee is one of the most underrated cities in the country, from cultural diversity to our amazing coffee and booming restaurant scene, Milwaukee is unlike any other.

Milwaukee is absolutely packed with culture. Unfortunately, news headlines sometimes paint us in a bad light for segregation.

1. Culture is everywhere.

We're known as the "City of Festivals." Throughout the year, especially in the summer, the city is filled with festivities (and fireworks)!

2. We even celebrate everything with festivals.

3. The food here is unlike any other.

4. Our art is moving. Literally.

5. Our coffee scene is miles above the rest.

6. Beer was born here.

7. "Happy Days" isn’t just a TV show... it’s a way of life.

8. Bowling, of all sports, is still thriving!

9. The Milverine walks the streets.

10. East Aurora

10. The people of Milwaukee will give you hope for humanity.

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