10 reasons to holiday in the Algarve

Tourism is the main source of incomes for Algarve. If you are thinking of spending your next summer vacation in the area, here are 10 reasons not to give away your intentions.

1. Weather

If you are looking for good weather, than the Algarve is the perfect destination for you. Summer temperature above 30 degree Celsius, dry weather and blue sky.

2. Beaches

The beaches of the Algarve are considered to be the most beautiful in Europe. They offer superb golden sand, which in some areas offers light orange shades.

3. Beautiful views

Although Bezbog peak is neither the highest in Bulgaria, nor the highest in the Pirin Mountain, it is considered one of the must visit places in the country.

4. Sports

5. Safe

6. Charming towns

7. Kind people

8. Delicious food

9. Melodic language

10. It may affect your future plans

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