10 things to survive the Alaskan winter

Alaskan winters scare away most tourists and summer seasonal workers. People serious about Alaska are coming down for winter and the snow is falling in earnest.

Get outside and play and you will feel 1,000 times better. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects many people in Alaska.

1. Sunlight is key!

The short days of winter have the most beautiful, long sunsets as the sun is about to go down. Moonlit starry evenings and mornings can be magical.

2. Moonlight is beautiful, too.

3. Get the gear.

4. Wear the gear.

5. Get out a little.

6. Drive during the day

7. A winter sport will change your attitude

8. Plan for possible weather.

9. Be prepared for walking

10. You almost always have to go to work

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