10 Treasures Are Hidden In Arizona

Growing up in Arizona, we've all heard about the famous Lost Dutchman's Goldmine. Maybe after hearing some of these fascinating tales, you'll be inspired to become a treasure hunter yourself!

1. Roy Gardner's train robbery loot may lay hidden near Flagstaff.

2. Stolen bullion from the Cerro Colorado Mine lay somewhere between the mine and the Cerro Colorado Mountains.

3. A vast silver mine might be hidden near Tumacacori Mission since the 18th century.

4. Bronco Bill's stolen Wells Fargo booty might be stashed away near Solomon.

5. A robbery at Canyon Station may mean a mound of gold coins may sit near Kingman.

6. Stolen outlaw treasure hides in southeastern Arizona near “Davis Mountain.”

7. The loot from stagecoach robberies is hidden near the ghost town Gillette.

8. A buried treasure and gold mine lay in the shadows of the Estrella Mountains.

9. Montezuma and his treasure somehow made their way from present-day Mexico City to Casa Grande.

10. Long Tom's gold sits behind a waterfall in the Grand Canyon.

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