10 Unique Restaurants In Minneapolis

There is an important difference between "food" and "food". Surprising as it may be, food is more like an event; It is one part exceptional food and one part experience.

This downtown Minneapolis restaurant is truly unique - it's built in a historic horse stable! Great atmosphere is only a small piece of what makes Spoon & Stable great;

1. Spoon and Stable

The Commodore Bar & Restaurant is currently available for private events and venues only. To book this fun dine-in Minneapolis restaurant, visit the website.

2. The Commodore Bar & Restaurant


4. Butcher & The Boar

5. Al’s Breakfast

6. George & The Dragon

7. The Bad Waitress

8. Psycho Suzy’s Motor Lounge

9. Betty Dangers Country Club

10. East Aurora

10. Galactic Pizza

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