urban kayaking spots in North America

You have to check out these 10 urban waterways to enjoy a day on the water. Urban kayaking offers an unexpected way to get active in the outdoors while seeing a destination from a new perspective.

Kayaking on the waters of Lake Union is a great way to soak up view of the Seattle city skyline. From the water, it is possible to take off and land float planes.

Lake Union - Seattle, WA

From a kayak on the Potomac River, it’s possible to see the Washington Monument, Kennedy Center and the beautiful Georgetown waterfront.

Potomac River - Washington, DC

While Ottawa’s Rideau Canal may be best known as the world’s largest skating rink in winter, in summer, it’s a popular spot for kayaking.

Rideau Canal - Ottawa, Ontario

Kayaking is so popular in Missoula that the city built its own waves along the Clark Fort River as it passes through the heart of downtown.

Clark Fork River - Missoula, MT

The harbor and its surrounding waterways serve as a migratory bird sanctuary, making this a favorite paddling place for birdwatchers.

Inner Harbour - Victoria, British Columbia

Lady Bird Lake - Austin, TX

Bartram’s Garden - Philadelphia, PA

Roanoke River - Roanoke, VA

James River - Richmond, VA

Cuyahoga River - Cleveland, OH

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