Best Travel Audiobooks That Inspire You For Nesxt Vactaion

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On The Road

This American classic by Jack Kerouac tells the timeless story of a thrill-seeking road trip across the country in a fascinating stream-of-consciousness style.

A Walk In The Woods

Adventurer and talented writer Bill Bryson describes his action-packed hike along the entire Appalachian Trail in this compelling real narrative.

Travels With Charley In Search Of America

Legendary author John Steinbeck travels with his dog Charlie in his exploration of America, making some fascinating observations along the way.


Listeners will be on the edge of their seats from Baltimore to San Francisco as they hear Carsick, the true account of movie director John Waters cross-country hitchhiking expedition.

My Life In France

Julia Child relates the story of her formative years as an American chef in France with the help of her grand-nephew, Alex Prud'homme.


The genuine story of one courageous woman’s journey over the Pacific Crest Trail in search of comfort from grief and adversity is told in the book Wild.

A House In The Sky

This terrible warning story of captivity in one of the world’s most dangerous countries is expertly told by Lindhout herself.

Running In The Family

Michael Ondaatje, a talented storyteller, discusses his own journey back to Sri Lanka in the late 1970s.

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The Sex Lives Of Cannibals

This travelogue, thankfully, has nothing to do with what its title suggests, so we’ll let you know that right away.

West With The Night

The world’s greatest adventure stories were almost entirely told by men when she published her memoir in the 1940s.

In The Weeds By Tom Vitale

One of the best travel audiobooks is West with the Night, considered one of the most under-appreciated classics of the 20th century.

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