last things to always do before a road trip

Electricity bills can climb when it’s extremely hot or cold outside, so set your thermostat accordingly to ensure it doesn't constantly run while you’re away.

Adjust your thermostat

Leaving your toaster or coffee pot plugged in can pose a potential fire hazard, not to mention the extra toll it takes on the electricity bill.

Turn off or unplug your appliances

Although it may occur to you to call your credit card company if you're traveling overseas.

Alert your bank

Travel blogger Laura Meyers recommends double-checking that you have all of the documents you need in case an issue arises.

Take essential paperwork

If you’are traveling really, you would encounter place where restrooms are few and far between, so it’s best to be prepared.

Make a potty stop bundle

Road trips are — at least in part — all about the snacks, so make a stop to buy goodies that you save for special occasions, especially if you have kids.

Pack special snacks

It’s no secret that people love their morning beverages, and your road trip should be no exception.

Grab your favorite coffee grounds

Get your fridge clean out quickly. Before you leave, take a few minutes to purge items that may be perishable by the time you return.

Clean the fridge and take out the trash

Even if you simply send a quick text once you’re on the road, inform others that you’ll be gone for a while.

Let your neighbors know you’ll be away

Get some activity book, coloring book, sticker books, word games and small toys to surprise the kids during the drive.

Plan for entertainment

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