Surprising Bike-Friendly Cities of

From weekend warriors to bike riders, cycling is gaining in popularity across the country. Here are some places that deserve more credit for their bike-friendly cultures.

With an average annual snowfall of 42 inches, Madison, WI, can seem like an unlikely place for cycling.

1. Madison, WI

Finding your way around Tucson, AZ, on two wheels is easy thanks to a network of multi-use trail and paved paths known as The Loop.

2. Tucson, AZ

In the shadow of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the streets and hills surrounding Fort Collins, CO, just begged to be biked.

3. Fort Collins, CO

With a laid-back yet surprisingly cosmopolitan vibe, Ann Arbor, MI, a city of just over 120,000 welcomes cyclists.

4. Ann Arbor, MI

5. Boulder, CO

6. Alexandria, VA

7. Santa Monica, CA

8. Wausau, Wisconsin

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