Adventures to Experience in the Amazon

The center also has a cozy theater where nature-related and historical documentaries play all day, or you can select a title and they'll play it for you.

Five Rivers Delta Resource

One site is hidden in the absolute middle of nowhere, an island that was inhabited by humans over a thousand years ago – Mound Island.

Mound Island

A little south of Mound Island in the Spanish Fort is the historic Blakeley State Park. a bustling port city that was actually larger than its Cross Bay rival, Mobile.

Historic Blakeley State Park

The story of the slave ship Clotilda seems almost impossible. Although importing slaves into the United States was outlawed.

The Last Slave Ship

With the vastness of undisturbed wetlands, marshes, and rivers, you can imagine the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta is a bird's paradise.

A Birder’s Paradise

Much of the exploration of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta takes place by boat. One of the best ways to experience it is by making a reservation on Delta Explorer.

Exploring By Tour Boat

A true adventure awaits you as you paddle your kayak through the dark and mysterious bay of the Delta along the Bartram Canoe Trail.

Kayaking The Wilderness

It's time to get your heart pumping as you zoom into the swampy cloves on an airboat that the boy can't get to.

Exploring By Air Boat

A cozy state park is located on the Mobile Bay Causeway that bridges the eastern edge of Mobile Bay into the city - Mehr State Park.

Camping At Meaher State Park

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