9 Things To Pack For Paris To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist

Neutral Colors And Classics

Parisians tend to live in the colors black, blue, white, beige, and caramel, with a splash of color added for effect.

Be Comfortable In Jeans

Parisians love their jeans. There has never been a more durable piece of clothing and one that lends itself perfectly to travel.

Make Your T-Shirt A Mariniere Top

You know that oh-so-French look, that blue-and-white striped top? That is called a Breton top, or mariniere, and has evolved from navy and fishermen’s uniforms.

Flats, Boots, And Sneakers

A Trenchcoat And Blazer

Wear A Scarf

Alternatives To Touristy Backpacks

Think And Pack Layers

What Not To Pack

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