10 US Destinations Where an Airbnb Is Cheaper Than a Hotel

Between visiting historic gems and sampling all the restaurants, bars, and breweries, experiencing Boston doesn't come cheap.

Boston, Massachusetts

National Park in southern Utah is a spectacular collection of red sandstone canyons and peaks. From hiking to visiting museums, there are plenty of activities for everyone.

Zion National Park, Utah

One of the best places to visit in Hawaii, Maui is full of amazing places to explore and amazing hidden gems.

Maui, Hawaii

From tasting your way through Pike Place Market to checking out Chihuly Garden and Glass, there are so many things to see in Seattle.

Seattle, Washington

Often overshadowed by Oahu and Maui, Kauai is one of the best places to visit in Hawaii. It is also the oldest Hawaiian island.

Kauai, Hawaii

It costs $50 to walk out the door in DC, but so much history is worth seeing. The capital of our nation is home to the Smithsonian.

Washington, D.C.

Miami! Home to authentic Cuban restaurants and fabulous sandy beaches. There's plenty to do in Miami, some of which are unusual and some don't involve a beach.

Miami, Florida

Welcome to New York, yet another city where you headed out the door and start making money.

New York City, New York

Whether visiting for a romantic weekend or a lovely family tour in the fall, the Grand Canyon is always a good call.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Traveling by air can cost a lot. And when it comes to upscale hotels and fine dining, the sky's the limit.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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