Amazing Places To Visit In San Diego

San Diego is one of the most heavenly places on earth. Will never tire of the gorgeous views. Take a look at the favorite spots that make San Diego a favorite city to visit.

Head to La Jolla and tour the only sea cave accessible by land in Southern California. You'll want to visit The Cave Store to find this hidden cave

1. Sunny Jim Sea Cave - La Jolla

Climb this high mountain in San Diego County and this incredible view is yours. , Be prepared for a six-mile long RT, so be sure to pack extra water.

2. Iron Mountain

3. Balboa Park

4. Fallbrook

5. Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

6. Quince Street Bridge

7. Palomar Mountain

8. Seaport Village

9. Oceanfront Boardwalk

10. The Geisel Library

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