Ancient theaters of Greco-Roman antiquity

Scattered around the Mediterranean are the remains of ancient theaters from the Greek and Roman worlds. Greek theaters were large, open-air structures built on the slope of a hill.

The Theater of Epidaurus, located on the northeastern corner of the Peloponnesus in Greece, was built in the 4th century BC. One of the most beautiful Greek theaters in the world.

1. Epidaurus

Located 140 km south of Damascus in Syria, Bosra is an ancient city mentioned by Egyptian hieroglyphs in the 14th century BC.

2. Bosra

3. Delphi Theatre

4. Aspendos Theatre

5. Great Theatre of Ephesus

6. Roman Theatre of Orange

7. Theatre of Sabratha

8. Theatre of Side

9. Pergamum Theatre

10. Roman Theatre of Amman

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