Barcelona's top 10 players

Below is a list of Barcelona legends who have ensured that the team's legacy and reputation have been maintained and restored throughout the years.


In 1999, he made his debut in Barcelona and won the FIFA World Player of the year Award and Ballon d'Or guiding the Catalans to the La Liga title.

Cesar Rodriguez Alvarez

He is among Barcelona's football legends who played during the 1950s and 1940s era and amassed a supersized total of 235 goals in a total of 351 goals.

Pep Guardiola

The Santpedor-based defensive midfielder served as the backbone of the manager Johan Cruyff's dream team that won four straight La Liga titles from 1991-1994.

Carles Puyol

Carles Puyol has captained the Catalans for seven years, and today, he is regarded as one of Barcelona's greatest defenders of all time.

Andres Iniesta

Andres is already one of Barcelona's best legends of all time. The 2009/10 campaign closed with a game-winning goal for Spain in the 2010 World Cup final.

Johan Cruyff

While at the club, Legend scored 48 goals in 143 league appearances, helping the Catalans secure their first La Liga title since 1960.

Samuel Eto'o

During the Nuo Camp, Samuel scored over 100 goals, won 3 La Liga titles, 2 UEFA Champions League, 2 African Footballer of the Year awards.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was already a renowned football player globally. He is the current holder of the FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d'Or awards.


Ronaldinho won the FIFA World Player of the Year award for two consecutive years, a Ballon d'Or, 2 La Liga titles and 1 European Cup.


Javier Hernández has helped the club win 5 La Liga titles and 2 European Cups, and the 2010 FIFA Ballon d'Or world's best player win.