Best Alberta Larch Hikes

From mid-September to early October, the race is on to see the golden larches of Alberta. Larch trees can be found in all of Alberta’s mountain parks, including Banff, Kananaskis and Waterton.

The Larch Valley hike that leaves from Moraine Lake is by far the most well-known larch hike in Alberta. Turns out it’s not just a clever name!

Larch Valley Hike

if  you can’t get enough of those golden larch trees while at Moraine Lake, then leave time to visit Eiffel Lake.

Eiffel Lake Larch Hike

Wenkchemna Pass Hike

Saddleback Pass Larch Hike

Sheol Valley Larch Hike

Big Beehive Hike

Hidden Lake Hike

Healy Pass Larch Hike

Taylor Lake Larch Hike

Arnica Lake Hike


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