10 Best Theme Parks In New York

New York is the best place. Here is a list of some of the best picks for you to make your holiday in USA even more enjoyable and memorable. So, don't think much and start scrolling already!

1. Adventure Land

This is one of the star attractions of Long Island after its establishment in 1962. It has over 30 various rides that bring the thrills to you on a platter.

2. Coney Island

This place has seen its own share of ups and downs over the years, with the rise and fall of visitors.

3. The Great Escape

Six Flags has done splendid work in making The Great Escape one of the biggest crowd pullers among the theme parks in New York state.

4. Sea Breeze Amusement Park

5. Luna Park

6. Zoom Flume

7. Darien Lake

8. Splashdown Beach

9. Rye Playland

10. Martin’s Fantasy Land

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