Best Bars in Delft, Netherlands

if you’re a fan of all things beer-related, then you should definitely check out Bierhuis De Klomp, the oldest bar in Delft.

Best Crème Brûlée in Delft! Charming warm atmosphere with relaxing music in the background. Staff were so friendly

De Beierd

Great beer cafe with over 200 beers! Very nice "gezellig" atmosphere and friendly staff. Also lots of taps with all kinds of different beers from all over the world


 Jazz Café Bebop

A very cozy pub, with nice barmans and a large variety of beers (they even have Paulaner). Tuesdays' live music makes Bebop one of the hot spots in Delft!

Locus Publicus

 Trappisten Lokaal ‘T Klooster

De Wilde Hollander

Cafe De Engel

Barbaar Delft

Café-Cocktailbar Luna

Cafe De Kat In De Stad

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