Best Bars in new york

Everything you love about New York City's best bars can be found at Time Out Market: great cocktails, skyline views, and something to end your day with.

1. Mace

Has been regularly on international "best of" lists. Moving later to West 8th Street gives Perennial Cave a little more room for outdoor dining, with a cozy interior and a 27-foot addition.

2. The Long Island Bar

Occupying a corner space that operated under the same name for five decades, the Long Island bar faithfully comes by its retro-lite ambiance.

3. Attaboy

A NYC classic that's free of speakeasy-trapping with outlandish details, this LES cocktail leader to display greatness.

4. Sunny’s

A canonical NYC destination, Sunny still feels serious when you chance upon it on a random, windy afternoon.

Old New York's central casting idyll is kept alive with Ludwig Bemelmans' whimsical original murals in his namesake bar.

5. Bemelmans Bar

6. Clover Club

7. Sunken Harbor Club

8. Good Judy

9. Dutch Kills

10. Sidney’s Five

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