Best Beaches in Crete[2023]

Nea Chora, which means “new town”, is one of a couple of urban beaches in the beautiful old Venetian port town of Chania.

Nea Chora, Chania

Koum Kapi, Chania

Koum Kapi is another city beach on the east coast of Venice Harbor near the ancient city walls. A long strip of sand is backed by a promenade lined with cafes and bars.

You need to be adventurous to tackle the steep, rocky goat track down to this extraordinary little beach on the Akrotiri Peninsula.

Seitan Limania, Akrotiri Peninsula

Agii Apostoloi

The beaches here are sheltered and the seabed is gently sloping, making it an easy day trip for families.

Balos Beach, near Kissamos

Located about 40 miles northwest of Chania, Balos Beach is one of the best beaches in Greece. it takes commitment to get here.

Elafonisi Beach, near Gialos

It's quite a long journey from Chania, about an hour and a half by road. Getting there is only part of the fun. Winding roads take you through rustic Cretan villages.

Located on the northernmost edge of the Akrotiri peninsula, just 10 miles from Chania, Stavros is a wild, peaceful beach that wraps around a sandy bay.

Stavros Beach, near Chania

The sand and plank Platanias beach is located about eight miles west of Chania, opposite the long expanse of Platanias village. This is an ideal place for those.

Platanias Beach, near Chania

If you're coming from the Chania area, Jialiskari Beach is your reward at the end of the 90-minute road trip across the mountains. the beach is wide and sandy.

Gialiskari Beach, Paleochora

South of Cape Gramavousa, about an hour from Chania, Falasarna is actually a chain of five beaches. It is consistently praised as one of the best beaches on Crete.

Falasarna Beach, Falasarna

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