Best Bistros in Paris[2023]

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

Bistrot Paul Burt's steak-frites are the subject of legend. This 11th Arrondissement Restaurant May Have Been on the Map for Years.

Les Arlots

Remarkably given its location in a no man's land between Gare du Nord and Barbès, the sausage-purée has got us excited since it opened in Les Arlottes.

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

Expect an unusual natural red from Auvergne rather than bitter espresso at the Zinc Bar of this much-loved Left Bank café.

Le Cadoret

The wine list at this new Buttes-Chaumont bistro is worth the trip alone. Thanks to big flavors and simple presentation, their menu is one of the most exciting on this list.


This grand Belle Époque Bouillon may look little changed since it opened in 1832, but it's headed for a retro revival.

Le Jourdain

The young, passionate team at Le Jourdain have crafted a refreshing take on the neighborhood bistro style in this pint-sized restaurant. One of the best value priced menus in Paris.

Le Mermoz

An icon of the contemporary bistro culture of the Champs-Élysées, Le Marmoz brings the spirit of the city's eastern sectors to one of its most luxurious outposts.

Aux Crus de Bourgogne

Aux Bons Cru's nearly 90 year older sibling this is the perfect spot for Burgundian bistro dining in Paris. Unparalleled in ambiance and authenticity, its wood-panelled.

Le Baratin

One of the original bistros and still one of the best with a cult following, Le Baratin counts Pierre Hermé and Anthony Bourdain among its devotees. It remains a restaurant du quartier.

Les Philosophes

Xavier Denmure's Bistro stands out for its passionate commitment to 'Le Vre Fate Maison' service. Everything is made from sustainable suppliers and completely from scratch.

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