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Best Breakfast in Naples, Florida

Despite that Naples has a great number of restaurants overall, there are some places that know how to do breakfast better than the rest.

With its beautiful beaches, championship golf courses, exceptional restaurants, shopping and water activities – there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Naples.

Here are our favorite breakfast options to start your day in Naples! please come and eat.

Blueberry’s is our all-time favorite place to eat breakfast in Naples! The atmosphere here reminds me of an old-school casual diner in that there is modest decor.

Blueberry’s Restaurant

Goldie’s Restaurant, another one of our favorite breakfast spots in Naples, is another casual diner that offers classic breakfast options at great prices.

Goldie’s Restaurant

The Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe, another great place for breakfast in Naples, is a friendly, family-run business that has been open since 1980.

Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe

BALEEN is located inside of LaPLaya Beach & Gulf Resort, which is one of Naples’ most luxurious oceanfront resorts.


EJ’s is located in the Bayfront neighborhood of Downtown Naples and has both ample indoor seating, as well as an outdoor dining area overlooking Naples Bay.

EJ’s Bayfront Cafe

It is an American restaurant chain based in Florida that has over 300 locations across 28 states.

First Watch

Coined “Southwest Florida’s Classic American Diner”, Mel’s Diner is a family-owned business with 2 locations in Naples, Florida, and another in nearby Bonita Springs.

Mel’s Diner

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