Best Cafes in Paris[2023]

La Fontaine de Belleville

The founders of Brulérie de Belleville restored this '20s bistro with the utmost care, preserving its grand mirrors, grand ceilings and paintings.

Les Deux Magots

If you're standing outside Les Deux Magots, you should be prepared to be photographed by tourists seeking proof of your encounter with the spiritual home of modern French philosophy.

République of Coffee

Mexican chef Mario Flores rustles up a weekly changing menu of burritos and quesadillas filled with seasonal, organic vegetables.


Old-school Parisian café by day, cutting-edge cocktail bar by night, Craven brings a spot of class to the outer corner of 16th. Due to the attractive Art Nouveau decor with original counter.

Ten Belles

Superior barista Thomas Lehoux's café is located right across from the funky Canal Saint-Martin. Pinewood storefront decorated with plants and herbs for smokers.

Café de l’Industrie

Like that pullover we instinctively reach for on gray days, Café de l'Industrie will always have a piece of our hearts.

Café du Coin

Classic bistro decor, laid-back atmosphere, impeccably executed seasonal menu: it didn't take long for Café du Coin to become our new favorite when we're craving caffeine.

Café Charlot

With its stunning wrought iron shopfront and retro interior, Café Charlotte has to be one of the Marais' most charming old school cafes.

The Hood

With metal and a 'Perfumery - Cadeaux - Bazaar - Menage' sign, The Hood still looks like the junk shop it used to be. Inside, the menu is totally Brooklyn-like.

Café Marlette

This Rue du Faubourg Poissonier joint serves delicious cotume coffee and a wide range of freshly made, often organic dishes. Open 8:30am to 6pm.

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