Best Camping Spots In New Mexico

Carlsbad Cavern National Park

Camping at Carlsbad Cavern National Park is only allowed in the backcountry, so there are no established campsites.

Bottomless Lakes State Park

Roswell to do some alien-hunting, then, at less than 15 miles away, Bottomless Lakes State Park might be a great spot to camp.

White Sands National Park

Everything is sand everywhere you look; you can quite literally spend your entire time without shoes or boots.

Rockhound State Park

Camping in Rockhound State Park is a really cool experience for families. This was the first park in the United States to allow collection of rocks for personal use.

McCrystal Campground

McCrystal Campground in the Valle Vidal portion of Carson National Forest.

Gallo Campground
Checo Canyon

Gallo Campground is found in the Checo Culture National Historical Park. The campground is in the Gallo Wash.

City of Rocks State Park

While a fairly small park at only one square mile, City of Rocks State Park packs a big punch in the geology department.

Heron Lake State Park

Heron Lake State Park is an ideal choice. This is a very diverse park where everyone will find something to their liking.

Jemez Falls Campground

Jemez Falls Campground, located in the Santa Fe National Forest.

Navajo Lake State Park

Featuring the second largest lake in the state, covering 15,600 acres, Navajo Lake State Park provides plenty of entertainment.

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