10 Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

Each of the Moroccan cities - whether they are cosmopolitan metropolises or traditional medieval towns - are ready. Here is our pick of the best cities in Morocco to help you plan your next trip.

In the north of the country, the little city of Tetouan – which translates as ‘the water springs’ – sits strikingly at the foot of the Rif Mountains.

10. Tetouan

Everyone knows the city of Casablanca as the colonial setting of the 1942 romantic film, but the city of today does not quite reflect that dreamy, enchanting feeling.

9. Casablanca

8. Tangier

7. Agadir

6. Essaouira

5. Rabat

4. Meknes

3. Ouarzazate

2. Fez

1. Marrakech

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