Best Cuban Sandwiches In Miami

Sanguich De Miami

A History in Layers, which he co-wrote with Dr. Barbara C. Cruz and Jeff Houck, will be released in September 2022.

La Carreta

La Carretta’s Calle Ocho origins in Little Havana, located a mile and a half south of Sanguich, date back to 1976.

El Rey De Las Fritas

In search of better chances in Miami, the couple left the political unrest in their home country in the 1970s.

Mary’s Café And Coin Laundry

Farris Bukhari devotes most of his time to the struggle to preserve Florida’s natural beauty.

Versailles Restaurant La Ventanita

Versailles, which is practical across the street from La Carreta on SW 8th, offers authentic

El Palacio De Los Jugos

The first El Palacio de Los Jugos establishment was established in Miami in 1977 near NW 57th Avenue and West Flagler Street.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Danny Rivero’s responsibility as a reporter for Miami’s WLRN is to be informed about the city.

Las Olas Cafe

Delicately crafted, our empanadas feature a tender, flaky crust enveloping a flavorful blend of warmly spiced ground beef and vegetables.

Manolo & Rene Grill

Cuban bread cannot be prepared at home due to the hot temperature and high cost of the imported ingredients.

Tinta Y Café

Try Tinta y Café’s Patria (homeland) sandwich for a contemporary take on the traditional Cuban.

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