Best Desert jeep tours in Arizona

Pink Jeep Tours

Known for their iconic pink jeeps, Pink Jeep Tours offers a variety of guided tours through Sedona's red rock formations.

Apache Trail Tours 

Explore the historic Apache Trail with guided jeep tours that take you through rugged terrain, past stunning canyons, and along the shores of Canyon Lake.

Detours American West

Detours offers customized guided tours that take you to various desert highlights, including the Sonoran Desert.

Red Rock Jeep Tours 

These tours provide an opportunity to experience Sedona's breathtaking landscapes, from towering red rock formations to serene desert vistas.

Wild West Jeep Tours

Offering guided desert tours from Scottsdale, Wild West Jeep Tours take you through the Sonoran Desert and can include activities like gold panning.

Arizona Desert Mountain Jeep Tours

With a focus on educational and interactive tours, this company offers insights into the desert's flora.

Adventure Jeep Tours

 These tours cover diverse desert terrain, from the McDowell Sonoran Preserve to the Tonto National Forest, providing a mix of scenery and adventure.

Outlaw Jeep Adventures

Outlaw Jeep Adventures offers thrilling tours that venture into Sedona's backcountry, showcasing the area's rugged beauty and fascinating geology.

Great Venture Tours

Offering guided excursions into the Sonoran Desert, these tours focus on showcasing the unique ecosystem and stunning landscapes.

Arizona Safari Jeep Tours

Explore the McDowell Sonoran Protected Area and Tonto National Forest with informative guides highlighting the desert's.

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