Best Disneyland California Souvenirs

Mickey Mouse ears

If there were only one thing you could take home, it would have to be a pair of Mickey Mouse ears!

Pressed souvenir coins

There are many different designs you can collect, so be sure to buy a collecting book to keep your pressed pennies safe for years to come!

Disney snacks

Disneyland’s popcorn is a must-try while you’re at the park, but you can also take some home to share with your friends and family!

Hand-cut silhouettes

On Main Street, talented paper artists can cut black silhouette for you. You can have a silhouette of yourself or even of your favourite character!

Autopia driver’s license

This is the perfect souvenir for all those Cars fans out there. But take note, you cannot actually use these on the road!

Disney mugs

Start your day with a cup of coffee from the cutest Mickey Mouse Cupcake Mug! You can find almost any mug design at Disneyland California.

DIY lightsabers

Calling all Jedis! Get your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop so that you can face the evil Empire.

Trading pins

Just like the pressed coins, trading pins are relatively inexpensive and can be found all around the park.

Character Autographs

If you’re a big fan of many different Disney characters, collecting their autographs as you go around the park is the perfect activity.

Disney-themed Clothes

Rep your favourite place in the world with Disney’s apparel! These aren’t only limited to t-shirts and sweaters anymore.

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