11 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World

Are you a fan of thrill and looking for a famous roller coaster? In case you don't know which is the best roller coaster in the world? Can help you find the world's fastest roller coaster.

1. Formula Rossa

When it first debuted in November 2010, the Intamin-built coaster Formula Rossa broke world records by reaching peak speeds of 149 mph.

2. Kingda Ka

It was the fastest roller coaster in existence when it was built, reaching a top speed of 128 mph less than four seconds after its hydraulic launch.

3. Top Thrill Dragster

Within 3.8 seconds of launch, the coaster pushes riders to a top speed of 120 mph before reaching its peak height of 420 feet and sends them in a 270-degree spin.

4. Do-Dodonpa

It also had the fastest acceleration of any steel coaster, reaching a top speed of 107 mph in just under two seconds, allowing riders to experience 3.3 Gs of gravity.

5. Red Force

It is the highest and fastest coaster in all of Europe, propelling passengers to a top speed of 111 mph in just five seconds after launch before climbing a 367-foot slope.

6. Superman: Escape From Krypton

they then ascend a 415-foot slope at a 90-degree inclination. The 328-foot descent and rise of the ride provide riders with 6.5 seconds of weightlessness.

7. Metal Dragon 2000

The coaster’s track, which has the first hill of 318 feet, features two tunnels. During its four-minute journey, it reaches a top speed of 95 mph.

8. Fury 325

the coaster travels at its top speed of 95 miles per hour while negotiating obstacles like a fast s-curve, a camelback hill, and almost 180-degree banked corners.

9. Millennium Force

The attraction, which has a 310-foot starting hill and top speeds of 93 miles per hour.

10. Lightning Rod

The roller coaster is the world’s fastest wooden coaster, reaching a top speed of 73 miles per hour.

11. Wildfire

including two heartline rolls and an inverted zero-g stall. The ride’s top speed of 70 miles per hour is additionally aided by 12 airtime hills.

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