Best Fishing Spots In The Great Lakes

Lake Superior

Renowned for its pristine waters and diverse fisheries, Lake Superior is excellent for catching species such as lake trout, salmon, walleye and whitefish.

Lake Michigan

This lake is famous for its salmon and trout fishing. Locations like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Traverse City offer great access to productive fishing grounds.

Lake Huron

Port Huron, Alpena, and Thunder Bay are popular fishing areas on Lake Huron. Anglers can target lake trout, salmon, walleye, and smallmouth bass.

Lake Erie

This lake is known for its productive walleye and smallmouth bass fisheries. The western basin, around cities like.

Lake Ontario

Offering great salmon and trout fishing, Lake Ontario's eastern shoreline around places like Rochester and Oswego is a hotspot for anglers.

Green Bay, Lake Michigan

The Green Bay area is known for its outstanding walleye and smallmouth bass fishing, making it a favorite destination for anglers.

St. Clair River

Connecting Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair, this river offers excellent walleye and smallmouth bass fishing. Port Huron and St. Clair are key spots for fishing.

Lake St. Clair

This lake is famous for its muskellunge (muskie) fishing, as well as outstanding bass fishing.

Lake Erie Tributaries

During the fall, Lake Erie tributaries, like the Niagara River and the various streams in Ohio and Pennsylvania, become hotspots for salmon and steelhead fishing.

Georgian Bay 

This area is known for its scenic beauty and diverse fishery. Georgian Bay offers opportunities to catch species like smallmouth bass, pike, and muskie.

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