Best Food In Los Angeles

 French dipped sandwich

This delicious delight is an absolute must because of its unique flavor and the fact that it was originally created as an accident.

Birria tacos

If you are looking for the best authentic Mexican food in Los Angeles then look no further. The crunch, the mess, and most importantly the flavor is what sets these tacos apart.

Ice cream sandwich

When you think of which country has the best ice cream, you don't immediately think of Persia, but when it comes to ice cream in L.A.

 Strawberry donuts

Let's be real for a second, attracting people from all over California, these strawberry donuts were first created in 1974 to showcase local produce.


The pizzeria serves light and chewy pizzas with all your favorite toppings including cheese, sausage, chili and more.

 Ice cream

The best in artisanal ice cream, Wanderlust Creamery offers ice cream flavors inspired by childhood memories from the owner's travels around the world.

Japanese egg sandwich

Japanese-style sandwiches have undoubtedly taken the foodie world by storm and so have the sandwiches at Japanese Cafe Konbi. Omelette Sandwich Most Popular, Egg Salad Sandwich.

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but thanks to the breakfast burritos from Loki Burritos in Los Angeles, they can also be the tastiest.

Cheesy Pork Ribs

Everyone knows that if you want the best Korean food in Los Angeles you go to Mr. Bossum, and if you want to taste their special dishes for yourself.

Waffle sandwich

If you like fried chicken and waffles then Bruxie is definitely your kind of place in Santa Monica. A must stop for a huge variety of waffle sandwiches.

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