Best Hair Salons in NYC

Finding the best salon in NYC can be stressful. After searching far and wide for skilled stylist, great ambiance, and top reviews, we found these 10 hair salons to try.

Fringe was one of the first salons to open in the Lower East Side 15 years ago, and it's stuck around for a reason.

Fringe Salon

At Spoke & Weal Soho, you don’t tell Master Stylist Kelsy Osterman the exact length you’re going for—she lets your hair's natural texture dictate that for you instead.

Spoke and Weal

One simple click to their rainbow-bright website is enough to show you that Fox & Jane’s five NYC salons are unlike any other in Manhattan.

Fox & Jane


Butterfly Studio

Ion Studio NYC

Marie Robinson Salon

White Rose Collective

David Mallett Salon

Self Salon

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