Best Haunted Destinations In The US

Wood Island Lighthouse

Many visitors to Wood Island Lighthouse in Maine believe that ghosts roam the island and inhabit the building.

New Jersey Pine Barrens

Covering 1.1 million acres, the New Jersey Pine Barrens is said to be home to numerous ghosts and paranormal activity. 

 Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House is a peculiar mansion in San Jose that has more than 160 rooms and 2,000 doors.

Fort East Martello Museum

The Fort East Martello Museum in Key West protects and preserves the unfinished remains of a fort dating back to the Civil War. 

Old Lake County Jail

Known for housing the gangster John Dillinger — and his later escape from here, the Old Lake County Jail is said to be riddled with paranormal activity.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

Paranormal activity reported at the St. Augustine Lighthouse includes the disembodied voice of a woman asking for help.

Fort Mifflin on the Delaware

Fort Mifflin, a National Historic Landmark, was the site of a major battle in the Revolutionary War, where hundreds of soldiers on both sides lost their lives.

The Grove

This historic property in the river port city of Jefferson, Texas was built in 1861 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park in Arizona is said to be a hub of paranormal activity.

 Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum

This quirky Las Vegas museum showcases original collectibles from supposedly haunted destinations around the United States.

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