Best Hikes In Denver

Bear Creek to Panorama Point is a lollipop loop that starts at Layer O of Bear Park. Go West to Corvina Park.

Bear Creek Trail to Panorama Point

Red Rocks Trading Post Trail

As the name suggests, the Red Rocks Trading Post Trail features incredible red rock formations. Find it near the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Like the Trading Post Trail, this Lollipop Loop is found in Red Rocks Park. It has similar, but more dramatic views with higher vantage points.

Red Rocks and Morrison Slide Trails

Mount Falcon Castle Trail Loop

Just south of Red Rocks is the Mount Falcon Park and Castle Trail Loop. This challenging loop trail has an elevation gain of 1,745 feet.

Coyote Song Trail

South of Mount Falcon is South Valley Park, home to the Coyote Song Trail. Here, you'll find interesting red rock formations and far fewer tourists.

Meadowlark Plymouth Creek and Plymouth Mountain Trail Loop

You’ll find this double-loop at Deer Creek Canyon, one of my favorite mountain parks near Denver. It’s adjacent to South Valley Park. 

Chatfield State Park is located east of Deer Creek Canyon. At the north end of the park, you'll find the southern terminus of the South Platte River Trail.

South Platte River Trail

Think you’re safe from bears when hiking near Denver? Think again! Just last fall, a family of bears was hanging out in this area near Chatfield’s south end. 

Waterton Canyon Trail 

South of Chatfield lies one of Colorado's best state parks: Roxboro State Park. Unique rock formations and the Carpenter Peak Trail are located here.

Carpenter Peak Trail

Head west into the mountains to experience one of my favorite hikes near Denver.

Eagle’s View Trail Loop

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